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Sat, Jun 24



Are We Modern Witches? About the Bundling of Energy

Homeopathy, Power Animals, Sacred Stones, Medicine Plants, Systemic Constellation Work and Collective Homeopathy

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Are We Modern Witches? About the Bundling of Energy
Are We Modern Witches? About the Bundling of Energy

Time & Location

Jun 24, 2023, 6:00 PM – 9:30 PM


About the event

All my relations – the ancestors and the relatives of Homeopathy (and the power that we can get from them)

An online workshop not only for Homeopaths

Homeopathy and other ways of alterative healing try to get the approval from modern medicine, which they might never get.

But modern medicine is only one relative of Homeopathy, and the focus on only her as a counterpart kann weaken us as, it makes us miss our other ancestors and relatives.

Who are our ancestors?

Are we Modern Witches, and Witchers? Are we sisters of the Druids, brothers of the Freemasons, children of the Shamans, who lived the healing art much longer than the contemporary medicine?

In this workhop I want to give you the opportunity to get to know the connection of Homeopathy with their ancestors and sibling professions, to experience them and to make them usable for our work.

The training has two parts that you can book independently

Part 1. Homeopathic Power Animals, Energy Work and Ritual

In the first workshop we will look into power animals in their homeopathic form and rituals

Part 2: Systemic Constellation Work and Homeopathy

In the second workshop we will get to know, how systemic constellation work can support and enrich our homeopathic work in different ways.

Part 1. Homeopathic Power Animals, Energy Work and Rituals

In the first workshop we will look into power animals in their homeopathic form and rituals.

If you don´t know a power animal that is in connection with you, we will look for one for you in a dream journey.

What exactly are homeopathic remedies, really,

on which energetic layer are they found, in comparison to the primary matter, from which they are developed, and in comparison to beings, who live on other engergetic layers,

Is there a relationship between a power animal, the animal as it lives in our world, and the homeopathic remedy, that we made out of the animal? Of what nature is this relationship.

Can it be beneficial to take in your own power animal, that you know already, as a homeopathic remedy? (Yes, that is what is my experience.)

Our remedies offer us the possibility to come close to our power animal by taking in the homeopathic formula. What an opportunity!

Can we understand the making of a homeopathic remedy as a ritualistic procedure?

What exactly is a ritual, that shows effect,

can you use homeopathic remedies in rituals,

or maybe even find remedies that help the world at this time?

So that we can give it to her, by sprinkling them into meadows, in rivers, in forrests?

Would we expect an effect, then, there, on site?

Is it possible that we, as a circle, find something, in a form of collective Homeopathy, a place and a remedy, who can profit one from another.

Part 2: Systemic Constellation Work and Homeopathy

After a short introduction into constellation work we can constellate some of the following topics, and make them apt to be experienced by us through this.

Constellations of remedies and diseases. How does the field react, in which the client, the therapist and the disease stand when inviting a remedy in.

In a perspective of collegial intervision: how do I stand to my client

In a perspective more from a bird´s eye view:

how does Hoemopathy stand in relation to contemporary medicine and other ways of healing`

How does Hahnemann stand to other healing professions?

Which position and stance should we take in relation to parties who attack Homeopathy? Who are their ancestors and precursors and is there anything we may have done to become their victims easily?

I invite participants to send me a wish for a constellation, a topic to be put up, beforehand per email or as a letter.


Systemic theory teaches us, that it strengthens us, if we take the power or our ancestors.

Whom do we resemble most, when we bundle, concentrate and make more intensive the energy of a primary matter by trituration?

Who works with energies, like we do?

Does a core power of Homeopathy maybe stem from this heritage, from this relation, and do we miss it, if we negate, neglect and not take it from there.

That is my personal explanation for the state of Homeopathy in the countries, in which she lives more puny than in earlier times

We are the daughters of the witches that you couldn´t burn

As Witches do not get burned any more, and as the church does not have the power to pursue them, we have the opportunity to get to know and remember more in detail again this our realm. Like a flower that blossoms through a crack in the tarmac as soon as she gets the possibility to do so.

Whitchcraft means doing a very little thing very thoroughly

(what does that remind us of?)

Constellation work and shamanic practice relate to the „knowing field“ and the „nonordinary reality“.

These disciplines are usable to answer question from Homeopathy

They offer us chances in our homeopatic work, in parallel to the common and wonderful treatment of diseases.

This is what I want to invite you to.

I am looking forward to share these fascinating contents with you.


€ 77.- for each part or € 144.- for both parts

First part: June 24 2023, 12pm-3.30pm EST (NYC), 6pm-9.30pm CET (Berlin)

Second part: July 1 2023, 12pm-3.30pm EST (NYC), 6pm-9.30pm CET (Berlin)

I want to make this topic available throughout the world. So if you live in a place where this price is hardly affordable please reach out to me and tell me what a price would be that you can pay easily.


  • Session on 24 June (only)

    +€1.93 service fee
    Sale ended
  • Session on 1 July (only)

    +€1.93 service fee
    Sale ended
  • Both sessions (24 Jun & 1 Jul)

    +€3.60 service fee
    Sale ended



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