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Systemic Constellations Facilitator Training

We have designed a systemic constellations training for those who have a passion for systemic constellations and a desire to learn the key dynamics, underlying theory and philosophy, and also its application, and potential. By the end of this course you will have acquired the core theoretical knowledge, learned the spectrum of methods and techniques as well as have gained an overview where systemic constellations can be applied – from classical family issues, symptoms/diseases, organizational challenges, soul lineage entanglements, nature constellations, to cosmic questions, and many more.


We will focus on the basics of the work. You will get a solid foundation in systemic constellation theory and practice. That means that you may profit from our training even if you have done other trainings that aspire to be more advanced, and sometimes miss working through the basics to a good and adequate extent.


In addition, we want to give space for you to get to know yourself in your own role as a facilitator – to find your innate facilitator you, what potential she/he holds and what you are to bring into the world.


You can of course also participate if you don´t have the goal to work as a systemic constellations facilitator, but if you like to get a thorough understanding, through learning and through personal experience, of the systemic dynamics that work through your life. It may well add to a systemic counseling or to a therapy, systemic or not, that you are having or you may have had.


The training is a combination of teaching, self-awareness, personal experience, peer group work, and opportunity for you to get comfortable in facilitating yourself, while being supervised.

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Topics that we will cover

Philosophy: together we will explore the origins and overarching philosophy, vision and potential of systemic constellations work.


Psychology: we will explore the core psychological aspects of re-enactment, the unconsciousness, of transference, entanglements, trauma, inner child work, primary and secondary emotions etc.


Societal: we will dive into the potential of collective, cultural and social constellations.


Spritual: we will learn about the sacredness of soul movements, energy in motion, listening to and trusting the field, rites of passages and the support offered from the spiritual world. And also about the temptation to by-pass ancestral lineage.



Theoretical cornerstones you will acquire


Belonging: Soul’s desire to include, belong. Consequences of exclusion. Function of conscience and feelings of guilt.


Orders of Love: The need for order within a given system, e.g. between partners, between parent and child, second partners, standing in a line of ancestors, finding your place in your system.


Balance: Desire to keep balance between giving and receiving. Our experience of guilt and innocence, the oscillation between entitlement and obligation.


Symptoms: Exploring the functions of diseases (e.g. cancer, depression, suicide), and symptoms, who or what is remembered.



Selection of methods and techniques

Individual vs group, collective and ceremony, silent, humming, phenomenological, constructive, hypothesis based, statements of bonding and resolution, genograms, floor anchors, nature constellations, etc.




8 training sessions (2.5 hours at noon EST, 6pm CET - Thursdays)
Intensive training on the foundational principles of systemic constellation dynamics and work.

  • January 19

  • February 2, 16

  • March 2, 16, 23

  • April 13, 27


3 mentorship sessions (3 hours at noon EST, 6pm CET - Thursdays)

Sessions to work on the topics that arise from the training sessions for your personally, but also room to discuss questions and to constellate.

  • February 9

  • March 9

  • May 11


2 practice workshops (4 hours at noon EST, 6pm CET - Saturdays)

Sessions to practice facilitating (supervised and supported) in small and larger group settings.

  • April 22

  • May 20

4 individual sessions (60-minutes) - 2 with each Antonia Stessl, PhD and with Rotger Heilmeier


Private social media platform, with all recordings, to share experience, questions and exchange with fellow students.


Hand-out materials.


Every participant will receive at least one individual process in the group setting.

We know about the good effect of meeting in-person, parallel to work that happens online. There will be the possibility to meet us and fellow students in our Summer Solstice Retreat at Mount Shasta, California, USA, in June 2023, and in our Fall Equinox Gathering in Glastonbury, UK, in September 2023.


We will also offer an optional day of practice workshop adjacent to each workshop, and we will offer a weekend in a place that is easiest to reach for interested participants at the end of June in the USA and in the middle of September in Europe. 


(fee for in-person workshops not included in this program).



If you want to find out more about the program and whether this is right for you at this point in time, reach out to us for a free discovery call.


Antonia Stessl | Tizianstr. 151 | 80638 München | +49 172 84 36 031



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