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Trauma and
Inner Child Healing

Do you know the feeling of inadequacy, of loneliness, of inner emptiness, withdrawal and dissociation, undefined fear, or an immense longing?

When we start looking for the root cause we oftentimes find it in our earlier childhood, when for multiple reasons, we did not receive the love and attention from our parents what we would have needed.

Sometimes we know of traumatic events in our childhood and remember (maybe only parts) events that were too big, to horrific for our inner child’s soul to process. From Shamanic teachings we know that in such moments part of our soul leaves the body, which is an essential survival strategy. But we have not been taught how to make sure this part of our soul returns once the trauma is over. This is the reason why so many adults who have suffered trauma as children can become dissociated and withdrawn. They also find it very difficult to get in touch with their feelings and are often seen as cold and unfeeling by other people.

In this program we will go on a journey to meet with our inner child, with that lost part of our soul. We will find him or her, resource and nourish that part, and travel in time as the grown-up we have become and be that inner mother, inner father, we would have needed at that time.

And slowly, at our inner child’s pace with all the safety and comfort and love it needs, we will invite this part back into our soul, integrate him or her into our being. A true soul retrieval in the Shamanic sense and as such the re-membering of part of our lifeforce we had been missing and looking for, in so many, mostly in the wrong, places.

In this program we will work with systemic constellation techniques, dream journeys, meditations and tools and rituals from the Shamanic traditions.


Antonia Stessl | Tizianstr. 151 | 80638 München | +49 172 84 36 031



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