Thu, Jan 06



Avalonian Healing Cycle

Join all those who came before you and are with you now - at the Chalice Hill

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Avalonian Healing Cycle

Time & Location

Jan 06, 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM


About the event

In this 7-week-series (ONLINE) we are going to deeply connect with each phase of the healing cycle and every single healing movement it holds and unveils for our own personal development on our quest to become our true selves.

The goal of the Avalonian healing cycles is to guide us on our paths of spiritual transformation, through which we can come more fully into our personal sovereignty. Sovereignty in this tradition is defined as the state of loving, respecting, and knowing one’s self so well that the choices we make about who we are and how we choose to be in the world is informed only by our true will, and not by our fears, wounds, perceived limitations, and the expectation of others. I like to see each healing cycle that we embark on in our lives as part of a sacred path revealing layer by layer who we truly are.

To be sovereign does not mean that by completing a cycle we will be fully healed and in a state of enlightenment or bliss. It’s much more about honoring our personal process of growth and about recognizing our patterns, wounds and experiences in life. And in presence of all that we then may make our own decisions reflecting our greatest good, and pursuing our highest potential.

My goal of this series is to introduce you to this spiritual tool and to this way of perceiving your life and your personal development as these cycles repeat throughout your life. I would love you to become aware of the phases you are in as you move through them now and in the future and feel and perceive with all your senses that you will not be treading the same ground. With each turn you will be spiraling upward into a connection to your sovereign self and to source.

Each session will be dedicated to one phase of the healing cycle as listed below. I thank Jhenah Telyndru for her beautiful inspiration in her book ‘Avalon within – a sacred journey of myth, mystery, and inner wisdom’. I was honored and am deeply grateful to have been guided by this book during my visit to Glastonbury, UK, where I connected to each phase while physically being at these sacred sites.

Each phase is namely connected to a sacred site of the Avalonian landscape within ourselves where we will journey to and explore and connect to this part within us and to find a the next step in our healing movement.

Lifting the mists

Getting ready for the cycle, lifting the veils to enter the sacred sites, attuning ourselves to the rhythm of natural cycles in our universe, calling in resources, guidance and blessing for our upcoming journey.

The Red Spr