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Antonia Stessl, PhD

I am a systemic coach, a systems constellations facilitator and a shamanic practitioner.


While I am shaping organizational changes as a director at Deloitte, I am also a consultant facilitating anti-racism programs across organizations identifying systemic dynamics of institutional and interpersonal racism.

As a facilitator my focus is always on the undercurrents, connecting the threads, understanding the root causes of what has become an issue. By acknowledging the originating cause, effective and sustainable solutions can be derived.

This is also my objective for individual and group work - it's about bringing about actual long-term change to one's life by expanding perspectives, unlocking connection to inner resources, and gaining a wider and deeper understanding of oneself in this world.

In more detail ...

... I started my career after studying classic systemic family constellations with Dr. Ilse Kutschera, a student of Bert Hellinger’s, and Helmut Eichenmüller. I feel like this two-year-training was the best possible foundation I could receive to truly understand the principles and dynamics of intra-generational entanglements.


During my stay in the US, where I lived for two years, I was fortunate to also train with Francesca Mason Boring, a bicultural woman enrolled with the Western Shoshone Tribe. She shared that when systemic constellations work was first introduced to her she found this to be the first “Western” approach that was compatible with her belief system. Francesca taught me to listen to the knowing field, to incorporate ancient healing wisdom and rituals in systems constellation. She describes this method as “one of the most profoundly beautiful healing paths that can be taken. This work, for me, is an extension of ceremony, a road of indigenous healing.”


Following that I studied with Emily Blefeld and Dan Cohen who are two of the United States’ most skilled innovators in merging advanced consciousness and spiritual principles into therapeutic practice. They showed me how to access the ordinary, ancestral and spiritual dimensions of consciousness to create healing processes that are illuminating and life-transforming.


Throughout the years I have also always continued my Shamanic studies. Deepest thanks to my teachers Vera Griebert-Schröder, Sandra Ingerman and Betsy Bergstrom who shared their insights, techniques and experiences with me and showed me how to facilitate a connection with wisdom traditions so that they can be adapted in the present to enrich individuals, families and communities in contemporary times.


Rather unusual but very fitting and even more helpful to connect all worlds and to integrate everything in everyday corporate world, I have made my first career in the Big4 auditing and consulting firm environment, where I have been and am still working for over 13 years now. First as an auditor of governance systems, I then switched to designing transformation projects. This also led me to the US, where I helped shape the transformation of the global company for two years before I took on responsibility for the operational implementation in Europe.


For years I have been integrating systemic methods into corporate decision-making and the design of operational processes. In particular, complex issues and such in which a lot of resources have already been invested without the desired outcome are typical questions for which this approach helps identifying next steps in the solution finding process.


Antonia Stessl | Tizianstr. 151 | 80638 Munich, Germany | +49 172 84 36 031

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