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Individual Sessions

Image by Warren Wong

Systemic Coaching

Exploring the core of your blocks and challenges and transform them in order to fulfill your intentions.


Shamanic Healing

Divination, soul retrieval, extraction, depossession, curse unravelling, past life work and psychopomp.

Image by Andreas Rønningen


Celebrating birth. wedding and anniversaries, supporting the passing over, and other rites of passage.

"The evolution of our individual consciousness paves the way toward the evolution of our collective consciousness. This individual-collective evolution, more than anything else, can and must change this world." (Ervin László)


All sessions are intuitively guided counseling and intended to empower the individuals.
They are not a substitute for medical, psychiatric or psychotherapeutic treatment. 

Individual sessions and circles are conducted via Zoom, phone, or in-person.

Click below to contact me about booking an individual session.


Image by Kimson Doan

Systemic Constellations

Let's come together to work on individual and collective issues. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Join us in a circle for women on a transformational path.

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